Urban Design

Redevelopment of Temporal Markets:

Mentor: Prof.Atrey Chhaya, Ms. Janki Shah

Team: Aashita Jain, Shivani Bakhru, Khushbu Mehta, Kainaz Sukhia, Bhavya Vohra

Site: Andheri, Mumbai

Brief: Temporal Markets have always been an eternal part of Mumbai’s culture of consumerism as they cater to all economic strata of the society with a variety of goods, from perishable to items of day to day use. These markets are more flexible and can entirely change the dynamics and activ- ities of the place , be it weekly or daily.

At Andheri station, with a huge influx of people passing by throughout the day, we propose a Temporal Market based largely on the concept of time sharing and hyper-density. Densities of people at the station changes throughout the day and hence we find temporality as the best fit as the fu- ture of market. Our proposed Design is not only flexible in terms of design but also keeping in mind the future expansion where it can reconfigure and adapt to changing needs.With growing demands of infrastructure and flow systems , the market has a scope for vertical expansion, keeping a balance of public and open spaces.




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