Transit Oriented Development

Mixed-use Development

Mentor: Prof.Atrey Chhaya, Ms Janki Shah

Site: Bandra, Navi Mumbai

Brief: Transit-Oriented Development is a creation of compact, walkable pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities centred around a dense transport network. It is the exciting fast-growing trend in creating vibrant, livable, sustainable communities.

The site is located in Bandra opposite the suburban railway station and surrounded by auto-rickshaws, taxis and buses and an upcoming metro station as well making it an ideal site for Transit-Oriented Development.


Canyon Effects

There is a drastic change in the character of the streets as one moves from the main Primary SV road to the Secondary station road and further to chawl settlements inside. The probable reason for this could be the quality of the street createddue to the different building heights at the edges of the streets. This phenomenon can be studies through the urban canyon effect. The unfolding streetsnarrowing and widening at certain intervals with buildings on either side create canyons which keep the street shaded throughout the day encouraging varioius activities which lead to communal interaction.

This keeps the street active throughout the day. This can be achieved by having various extrusions which creates varied experiences. The form of the built also leads to the transition from public to private spaces.



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