Institute of Natural Science

Mentor: Prof. Anjana Chhaya, Prof. Janki Shah

Site: Bhavans college, Andheri, Mumbai

Brief:The aim of the studio was to design a Natural science institute in Bhavans college campus located in Andheri, Mumbai based on the understanding of previously visited Universities.

The site is located adjecent to a Nature park in the college campus so the major aim of the design is to create a spatial expeience of being within nature hence merging it to the natural surroundings. A small water channel has been incorporated in the design which binds the whole structure together like bark binding the tree. The design displays porosity in nature.


Nature Indulgence

Bhavans college campus has a lot of different colleges within it. All these colleges are held together by a very strong circulation path which connects all the programs together.

The form of the buildings in the bhavans college seem to be heavy masses with large voids within them.

The Bhavans Lake acts as a central core for the entire college. All the circulation seems to be emerging from this central core.