Installation Design

Exchange In Nature

Interactive Installation
Annual Exibit at BSSA

Mentor: Prof. Atrey Chhaya, Prof. Mahek Lalan, Prof. Disha Saigal

Team: Aashita Jain, Nishiki Varma, Dimple Badhra, Richa Gupta,Ishita Patel

Brief:The Dinoflagellate is amarine unicellular micro-organismwhich glows in the dark. When there is mechaniuval disturbance near the organism it causes restricted mechanical deformation in the cell membrane thereby releasing neurotransmitters. These are then recieved neuroreceptors neat the vacuolar membrane which causes it to vibrate vigourouly making it an excited region.

Due to the absence of cholestrol, the vascular membrane starts deforming mechanically causing the ion channels in it to rapidly open and close. These channels ehen open they only open to a certain extent so as to only allow protons to pass through and pushes the rest of the molecules out. When the ion channels open they expand lattitudenally and contract longitudenally and vice versa.Once the proton passes through the membrane into the vacuole where the bioluminescence reaction takes place and light flashes out.