Tree-T your trees like family members


Social Initiative
Ui/UX Design

If only trees were given the same status as that of our close ones, that would invoke a sense of accountability and emotional attachment, similar to what we have towards our pets and family members.

If only trees could be uniquely identified, like we have Aadhar for people, we could have a proof of their existence. If we could monitor these trees, we could increase the survival rate of every tree planted.

And so the idea of GreenGENE was introduced. GreenGENE, an initiative cum application, makes tree plantation and its maintenance easier. It provides physical and technological assistance to individuals to plant, QR and geo-tag trees in order to maintain their health. This unique QR code allows one to look their tree up on the map, view its growth and maintenance via pictures that are uploaded and updated on regular intervals. The app not only keeps an eye on the tree but also allows users to report feeling.

GreenGENE has become the tool for tree inspection, tree census and obtaining proof of plantation from plantation authorities. It has motivated more than xxxxx individuals to plant, maintain and track the health of their trees using our app.

PM Modi shared with the world a concept of trees being our green wealth. Inspired by this idea, we wanted everyone to experience their green wealth. In the longer run, we wanted to incentivise the idea of planting and tagging trees as a means of building their green wealth. So we introduced the Green Wealth card, a reward points program that allows people to collect and grow their green wealth by tagging more and more trees. The green wealth appears in a tangible form of a card that showcases green wealth points that can be exchanged for benefits (or as we call them TREEWARDS) at restaurants, cafes and other eco-friendly outlets.