Highrise Mixed-use Development

Mentor: Prof. Dhanashri Sawant

Team: Aashita Jain, Anubha Jain, Nishiki Varma

Site: Mumbai

Brief: The aim is to build a High rise commercial single tower and Soho apartment on the top offering three different strategies to work out facade and massing, offering opportunities to integrate atrium, landscaped terraces, for apartment integrating warm areas of decks or terraces.

In this High rise, located in the suburbs of Mumbai, the floor plates are off-setted in order to achieve green terraces as recreational spaces for offices and service apartments, also adding sustainability aspect of the building ie filtration of solar radiation, rainwater harvesting and better wind movement. There is a slight four degree of rotation at every third floor adds to the aerodynamic properties of the structure allowing wind to flow along the curve of the twist and passing through the terraces for better ventilation.