Affordable Housing

Mentor: Prof.Milind Merchant

Site: Turbhe, Navi Mumbai

Brief: Affordable Housing is one of the key issues in all developing nations especially India. There is a definite relation between the growth of the city and its housing conditions. As a nation develops, a change in the affordable factors also change. It becomes important to understand the different housing typologies and their cost-benefit and how much they allow to adapt.

The aim of the studio is to understand the relationship between space, its usability pattern and economic value.

The site is located on Thane-Belapur Road, near Turbhe railway station, surrounded by multiple industries making it an ideal location for affordable housing.



The above chart represents the division of age groups of 1000 people residing in an Affordable Housing Settlement. A co-dependency can be established in the Settlement forming a system wherein the people in the higher end of the age group could share their expertise and experience with the younger people in the community and so on. Mumbai is a city filled with migrants. It can be observed that people from different parts of the country possessing different skills and knowledge co-exist forming a community. These people could share their proficiencies in various fields with the co-residents.


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