Every year, India wastes food, worth about RS 92,000 crores.


Social Initiative
UI/UX Design

Despite the development in every sector of India, we rank 94th of all 107 nations on the Hunger Index, 90 Lakh people die of starvation and 19 Crore people sleep hungry every night. As disturbing as this number is, the more dismaying news is that 50 kilos of food is wasted per person in India.

While the figures paint a sorry picture of our country, the reality is even scarier. When the Citizen cop foundation witnessed this hunger/starvation and food wastage problem in our homeground Indore, we stepped in to make sure that no one ever goes to bed hungry.

If only we could design a platform where excess food could be procured and distributed to those in need.

We came up with Aahar, an application that connected Food donors with Volunteers and NGOs who then distributed the food to needy people. We created an interface, where donors receive notifications upon distribution including the snaps of their food being distributed and the geo-location of the food distribution site. Soon, we added the provision to donate not just surplus food, but also fresh food and packed food.